Year 4

Celebrating Life

Creative Clay Pots - After learning about sculptor James De Rosso, students sketched their own pinch pot or imaginative clay creature. They molded the air-drying clay and learnt how to use the ‘score, slip, twist and smooth’ method to attach extra clay to the sides. Once dry, students painted and then varnished their designs.

Picasso Portraits and Cubism Objects - Picasso has been celebrated as one of the greatest and most influential artists of the 20th century. His development of the Cubism style has influenced many and was the inspiration for the Year 4 self-portraits. Students drew their faces using a variety of angles and lines to distort their features. They used bold, contrasting colours, blending the oil pastels for effect. Other students chose everyday objects, cutting up their sketch into segments and using shades of just one colour to finish off these monochromatic design