Year 4

James De Rosso Inspired Clay Pots

After learning about sculptor, James De Rosso, students sketched their own pinch pot or imaginative clay creature. They moulded the airdrying clay and learnt how to use the ‘score, slip, twist and smooth’ method to attach extra clay to the sides. Once dry, students painted and then varnished their design.

Monochromatic Pets

Using a photo as a reference, students learnt how to mix white and black to paint the tones and shades seen in their picture. They traced the animal onto their paper and then painted it grey scale. They selected one colour for their background to help keep the monochromatic pet as the main focus of the artwork.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Inspired Art

Year 4 students looked at art created by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists including some from local artists in Arakun. They then chose an Australian animal and used lines, patterns and ATSI symbols to fill inside the shape of that animal. Students then chose coloured paper and cut shapes to collage a pattern onto a black background. After deciding on their composition, students then glued their animal on top.