Early Years

The Early Years at Livingstone Christian College Early Learning Centre are divided into four rooms that children progress through. These are: Possums (6 weeks to 15 months), Koalas (12 months to 2 years), Bilbies (2 to 3 years) and Wallabies (3 to 4 years).

Within the Early Years, our aim is to provide safe, secure and inviting environments where children can develop their individuality and flourish in their God-given gifts as they engage in play and learning. We view children as unique and capable individuals, and provide experiences which scaffold their cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual development through holistic, child-initiated experiences. Safety and respectful, reciprocal relationships are of the highest importance to us, so you can have peace of mind in knowing that your child is loved, accepted and receiving the best possible care.

We pride ourselves on working in partnerships with our families. We pray that you will feel welcomed, recognised, acknowledged and respected when you enter our service. We welcome you to be active participants with us in your child’s education and care.

Begin your child's journey at Livingstone today

If you seek to see your child flourish at Livingstone Early Learning Centre, you can find enrolment information on our main Early Learning Centre page. Please also feel free to contact our friendly staff if you have further questions or would like to organise a tour of the Centre.