Learning at Livingstone is designed to be engaging and relevant for 21st century learners. We offer a diverse range of subjects including academic, vocational and trade pathways. Our curriculum is Christ-centred and Bible-based, whilst also meeting all government and tertiary entrance requirements. The College desires for all students to engage in a balanced and exemplary targeted learning program permeated with the skills and processes that develop literacy, numeracy, life-skills, creativity and critical thinking.

We believe the curriculum that we undertake should:

  • be relevant and authentic
  • connect to the everyday while containing eternal truths
  • draw on the life experiences of the students
  • be inclusive through acknowledging and valuing uniqueness and differences in gender, cultural background, family circumstance and disability
  • be engaging
  • meet Federal and State government requirements
  • be transforming

To achieve these outcomes we use a range of teaching methods, including those that promote worthwhile thinking strategies based on best practice teaching methods.