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The Middle Phase of Learning, Years 7 to 9, is a period of significant change for young people.

In Secondary school at Livingstone Christian College, students transition from one core teacher in Primary school to two subject specialist teachers in Middle Phase who teach their class the core subjects of English, History and Geography, or Mathematics and Science. This teaching arrangement is in place to help students move from the relationship model of the Primary to the subject specific model of the Middle Phase. During the Middle Phase, students are provided with every opportunity to reach their potential and to explore subjects that they may continue to pursue in their senior studies, to best position them for their future post-schooling pathway.

While developing a strong academic culture is important, of equal importance is developing character. The Middle Phase curriculum endeavours to engage students in identifying their areas of interest and strengths, and applying commitment and dedication to be successful students in these subject areas. This is achieved through the provision of core and elective subjects at each year level, taught by specialist teachers in specialist rooms.

All Middle Phase subjects are based on the Australian Curriculum, through the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA). Wherever possible, these subjects are taught from a Christian worldview perspective with a genuine spirit of intellectual honesty and enquiry.


Students in Senior Phase of Learning, Years 10 to 12, at Livingstone Christian College are given greater responsibility for their own future development. As well as finalising a course of study appropriate to their current career goals, they are expected to perform as independent learners, to demonstrate initiative and maturity by participating in leadership and community service activities and to continue to model the appropriate SHAPE behaviour for attendance, commitment to learning (work ethic, organization and behavior), presentation and attainment. They are expected to work as part of the Year group and achieve their very best.

Livingstone Christian College will challenge students at all levels, support them in setting and attaining realistic personal, academic and spiritual goals, and remain committed to excellence at all times. Students will be guided in selecting and attaining credentials from a variety of pathways and types of learning.

The College is committed to offering a breadth of opportunities and programs to students in Years 10, 11 and 12 in order to meet the needs of young people, the conditions of the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) and tertiary entrance requirements. Wherever possible, these subjects are taught from a Christian worldview perspective with a genuine spirit of intellectual honesty and enquiry.

All students will be supported by College staff in their education and training pursuits while they are committed to working towards their QCE and pathways by the end of Year 12. Livingstone Christian College staff recognise that every student can achieve academic success. The College staff share the responsibility with families and students for assisting each student in attaining their goals.