Mission & History


The mission of Livingstone Christian College is to educate for eternity – to prepare students for this life, and the life beyond. The staff at Livingstone Christian College recognize Jesus as the living stone, the source of life. We present ourselves to God as “building stones for construction of a sanctuary vibrant with life” (1 Peter 2: 5 MSG), a sanctuary where others can find this God who can put a new spirit in them and place them back on their feet. We also identify with the example of Dr David Livingstone, a true living stone, who gave his life in service of the people of Africa, and so that others could find this God who lives in eternity.


The vision of Livingstone Christian College is that every child will flourish. We believe that God created each child and therefore acknowledge the need to develop the whole child. The land on which Livingstone is built once housed a railroad track and the old Ormeau station. Families join our school for part of their life journey. We are committed to ensuring that while they visit this station – Livingstone Christian College – that they will flourish, find themselves as the person God intended them to be, and be prepared to succeed in the journey that takes them to life beyond school.

College History 

Livingstone Christian College commenced in 2002. Starting with a small class of eleven students, Livingstone has since grown to a community of over 1100 students from Prep to Year 12 and over 180 staff members, as well as an Early Learning Centre located on the same campus. Livingstone Christian College is a non-denominational, not-for-profit entity, governed by a Board of Directors. It is part of a fellowship of schools administered by Christian Community Ministries Ltd. which includes eleven schools across Australia and a camp-site. Livingstone is also a member of Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ).

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