Laptop Programs

Livingstone Christian College students in Years 5 – 12 require a laptop to support their learning. The College's One-to-One (1:1) Laptop Program provides a suitable laptop to these students (commencing in 2024 as per the roll out plan). This program benefits families by reducing costs and managing the warranty and upkeep of the device. It also enables the College to provide a more secure online experience for students, and to ensure every student has access to a laptop which meets requirements for school software and offered subjects.

Students whose year level is not a part of the 1:1 laptop program will be required to bring their own device in (BYOD). BYOD is a term used to describe when students bring their own devices to school to access the College network and information systems, including filtered internet access and the ability to print to College printers.

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1:1 Student Agreement
1:1 FAQ's
BYOD Minimum Device Requirements
BYOD Purchasing Options
BYOD Computer Software
BYOD College Wi-Fi
BYOD College Printers