Premier Sports

At Livingstone, Premier sports are the sports that have been identified as being the sports with the best possible opportunities for inter-school competitions and involve intense training and commitment. The sports the we have currently classified as premier sports are Rugby 7's, Volleyball, AFL and Netball.

Rugby 7’s

At Livingstone we launched our Rugby 7’s program, starting with our Secondary girls in August of 2018. Since then, our Rubies and boys have trained, competed in interschool competitions, supported our Aussie girls at the World Series, attended training camps and have developed into strong teams, ready to take on local carnivals, international tours and wider opportunities. Partnering with our local club, the Coomera Crushers and universities, our Rubies and boys have opportunities to develop a Rugby 7s pathway beyond Livingstone. Our Rubies are named after Proverbs 31, “Her worth is more than Rubies”, and deeply embedded within the Rugby program is our Empowering Girls program. We want our Rubies and boys to know their true worth, feel strong and powerful and be a part of building a positive community across the College.


Livingstone's Volleyball program was launched in 2017 and has since grown exponentially. It now encompasses multiple boys and girls teams in every high school age group. We have multiple training sessions a week, which work towards our participation in the Queensland volleyball schools cup. Our volleyball program includes a volleyball specific camp as well as the opportunity for students to attain refereeing and coaching accreditations. We are extremely proud of our Volleyball students with the culture that is building around them. Our aim for the future is that we continue to grow and improve, aiming for results in not only the Queensland schools Cup but also the Australian Schools Cup. 


Our AFL program is one of the highlights in regards to sport at Livingstone. Our focus is on building the foundation of the program into the primary school and then allowing this to continue through into secondary school. This has allowed us to compete in both the male and female Queensland Schools Cup events. There is training at least once a week for all participants, held on our Livingstone AFL Field, which has been specifically built for the program. Students are also given the opportunity to gain accreditations in either Refereeing or Coaching. With a close partnership with AFL Queensland, our program has been able to progress to a point that we are a strong contender for AFL in our region and our aim is for this to continue to build in the future.


Livingstone's Netball Program offers female students the opportunity to build fitness and netball skills in a competitive environment. After trials, students are selected into teams to play in various competitions throughout the school year. Competitions include Vicki Wilson Shield, Rivers Championship Competition, Constellation Cup and friendly matches against neighbouring schools. Team members train twice a week as well as participate in one session of strength and conditioning. Students are encouraged to also attend the Netball camp.  For female students interested in becoming netball umpires, we recommend and support gaining accreditation through the Foundation Umpiring Course run through Netball Australia.