Welcome to Livingstone

Welcome to the Livingstone Christian College website.

I have the privilege of serving as Acting Principal of the College at this time. I was the Founding Principal from 2002 until taking early retirement in 2015 and relocating to the nation of Myanmar (formerly Burma) to establish the Promise Schools founded upon the same values as Livingstone. Now back in Australia, due to the pandemic and the security situation there following the military coup, I am delighted to have further opportunities to serve the Livingstone community, albeit on an interim basis.

Livingstone has continued to provide quality faith-based schooling, with a dedicated staff in state-of-the-art facilities. The word 'Christian' in our name reflects our commitment to promoting the values modelled by Jesus Christ. The College motto - 'where every child flourishes' - though aspirational, is our very real desire and objective for each and every student. We aim to help our students grow in every aspect of personhood - academically, of course, but also through a comprehensive offering of sporting, cultural and social activities in a nurturing school culture to be well-rounded world citizens in the 21st Century. Our greatest desire is to see our youngsters growing in character, resilience and integrity. The future will hold many challenges. Our prayer is that our alumni will not only prosper come what may - but also make a difference in our world, whilst being a blessing to others.

I invite you to visit Livingstone to see what is on offer, get a taste of the College's culture, and discuss your child's schooling needs with our staff.  Please do contact us to arrange a visit.

Wishing you and your family every blessing,

David Coates

Acting Principal