Welcome to Livingstone

Welcome to Livingstone Christian College.

We hope you will find us to be a place where every child flourishes. A place where your child will flourish. We have placed emphasis on four broad areas to ensure any child can flourish, regardless of their unique strengths. These emphases are on academic achievement, sporting development (where we focus on a few key sports) and, the performing arts and community (which includes trade training, preparing students for the Asia Century and being a responsible local citizen). Within these four broad areas, we believe that every child can experience success and grow in confidence.

At our core is trying to understand how to live and act within a Christian framework. Livingstone Christian College has a strong focus on living out the values of Jesus. We recognise that Jesus lived and talked about living in a way that was contrary to the way most people live. So, our A Big Year virtues program has a monthly cross-College emphasis on one of the big themes of Jesus that could be loving our neighbours, being generous, practicing hospitality, being faithful, loving our enemies, practicing forgiveness, serving the poor or reforming ourselves rather than others. As part of our intention to build confidence and resilience in our students, we have also launched the truth-based social-emotional program "My Life Rulz". This program incorporates wise and insightful statements that can replace the unhealthy thinking which leads to anxiety, depression and other areas of stress. Our renewed 'language’ is transforming minds across the College.

We hope you can see that Livingstone Christian College has a unique and strong emphasis on the development of the whole child. These emphases are embedded from our Early Learning Centre through to our Senior students, where real life opportunities are provided to ensure they are ready to succeed in life beyond school. To achieve these ends, we have assembled a great team who are determined to be the best they can be, to ensure that your child flourishes at Livingstone Christian College. We have a strong commitment to professional development and performance management processes to ensure all staff, from our teachers to bus drivers, leaders to cleaners, are all working together to ensure that every child... your child... flourishes at Livingstone Christian College.

Dr. Mark Laraghy