Mobile App

The Livingstone Christian College mobile app provides parents and carers easy access to the Parent Portal on Edumate. Edumate is our student management system, which logs events, correspondence and absences for each student. We encourage families to utilise the App regularly to check and log information about their students.

The mobile app is available for iPhone and Android devices on Google Play and iOS App stores.

The following information is available for parents and carers to view and action within the app:

  • Alerts - important notices to notify parents of urgent matters.
  • Newsletter - displays links to the fortnightly College newsletter.
  • Spaces - displays information from the Edumate Spaces system (coming soon)
  • Timetable - displays their student's timetables, including events and excursions
  • Calendar - displays items from the Edumate school calendar
  • Absences - allows parents to review unexplained absences and submit reasons
  • Tasks – displays their student’s current assessment tasks listed by their teacher
  • To-Do – displays to-do items in relation to their student’s upcoming appointments and events.
  • Contacts - a directory of useful College contact details
  • Links - a directory of useful web links to other College online services

Please note: Although the app is publicly accessible to download, most sections require you to login with your Edumate parent portal username and password to view information about your student/s.

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