Year 5

3D Steampunk

Steampunk is inspired by the steam engines of the Industrial Revolution. Students explored ways of making things look old before designing their robot or square plate. They first took recycled objects to collage onto their design. They then painted in dark browns and blacks, finally varnishing in metallic colours so the final product looks like an old piece of machinery.

Abstract Paintings

Students viewed and discussed the works of Aboriginal artist Gabriel Possum Nungarray and African American artist Alma Thomas. They reflected on abstract art as a form that focuses on line and colour to represent an idea or feeling rather than simply recreate an object. Students then chose something from nature as the focus of their own abstract artwork and used watercolour paints to finalise their piece.

Still Life

Many artists use still life objects as a way to strengthen their observation and drawing skills and to create beautiful artworks, like Paul Cezanne. Over several weeks we observed and drew still life including whole fruit, half eaten fruit, jars, bottles and jugs. Students practised in lead pencil and enhanced their sketches using watercolour paints and chalks to add highlights and shadows.