Year 3

Atmospheric Landscapes

After viewing a range of photographs and paintings, Year 3 students learnt that atmospheric perspective refers to how atmosphere affects the way objects appear in the distance. They then practiced using white and black paint to make tints and shades using blue or purple as their focus colour. They used the new colours made to paint various levels and recreate atmospheric perspective in a mountain range. Students also learnt the best way to paint a range of tree silhouettes in the foreground of their picture.

Folk Art Landscapes

Irish painter John Luke was the inspiration for the Year 3 folk art landscapes. Students chose their own environment, sketched in a horizon line and then filled the background with small things that best suited their chosen location. In the foreground students added rolling hills and used bright lines, shapes and patterns to fill the space, bringing their artwork to life.

Under The Sea

To make the underwater sea students used a variety of objects and tools to press paint onto the paper and then to etch into the paint. Students drew an ocean animal and then etched the shape onto a piece of foam to make a relief print. This then became the printing plate and students printed 4 copies using black paint. At least one of these prints was used on their final design, while some students chose to swap their extra prints with others to gather a variety of animals. Finally, coloured pens were added to the prints before they were glued into their ocean scene.