Year 2

Ned Kelly Painting

After learning about warm and cool colours students reflected on some of Australian artist, Sidney Nolan’s artworks. They then used paints to divide their own scene into the cool sky and warm earth. Lastly, students used pencils and chalk to stencil Ned Kelly, silhouetted against the beautiful Australian landscape.

Large Animals

Always a favourite, this artwork involves many steps. Firstly, students explore painting using a range of paints, brush sizes and brush strokes. They then drew realistic animal eyes and noses, blended oil pastels and added reflection highlights. The painted paper is then cut up into stripes and students share their paper with others to collect a beautiful selection of colours and patterns. These are glued onto A2 card. Lastly, students glue on their eyes and nose and use black ink to add a mouth.


With a focus on shape and colour, this drawing task had students draw the profile of a toucan’s head. Using photographs as references, students then used water colour paints to add colour and texture to their bird.

3D Eyes

Using modelling clay, students shaped the clay around a glass eye. They then used tools to etch texture into the clay and moulded different coloured pieces to create details to these colourful clay creations.