Please enjoy the students artworks contained on this page, which have been hand-selected by our Secondary Visual Art staff, to highlight and represent the amazing talent and creativity which our Livingstone students display.

By Bailey G

The subject of this artwork is utopia and dystopia. I have displayed these two values through using two differing ideologies: Modernity and traditionalism. I have represented these two ideologies through Japanese culture, with customs native to Japan being characterised by the Samurai and modernity reflecting aspects of industrialism and the transition between imperial Japan and the samurai army as industrialism and unnatural forces.

Distorted Nostalgia
By Jemmah P

A contorted beast must be slain by light. As the depths are seized by the darkness, so too black seeps through becoming polluted by sin. The dragon’s mirrored scales   convict self, for a piece of each of us is found within the unpleasant. Though the fragile past grows distorted and glassed memories deteriorate, the future succumbs to the decay of mortality. Soon, the hardened figure will consciously breed the deathly burden of knowledge. But by then, it will be too late. In the absence of an eternal hope, fear arises and innocence drowns.

By Bethany B

I have used geometric shapes to reflect modern political movements and their impacts. The supremacist style of painting incorporates shape and a limited selection of colours, all of which share historical relevance to the political revolutions which took place at the beginning of the 20th century and in turn inspired contemporary design. The work serves as a visual embodiment of human ideas as presented by geometry and the disjunct placement of shapes cutting into each other as a reflection of imposing government.

By Zara K

The Myers Brigg Type Indicator (MBTI) is an introspective self-report questionnaire indicating differing psychological preferences and attempts to assign four categories: introversion or extraversion, sensing or intuition, thinking or feeling, judging or perceiving. The argument can be made that the test itself is transparent in its answers, that it’s easy to get one result one day then another result the next. To categorise something as complex and complicated as the human condition is to code and to list something spontaneous and growing… How could we possibly categorize that? How can you code a personality? I have responded to this dilemma through the use of paint mediums, resulting in a Frankensteinian caricature. I surveyed three of my friends MBTI Types which formed the basis of the work. Patterns and writings have been combined to serve as representations of each personality type. By mixing and blending each of these ‘codes’ together, I communicate the idea that codes cannot interpret and confine the human condition.

Stained Beauty
By Ella M

They say it’s either one way or another on how I look. My hair has to be a certain way, my eyes have to be big and bold, my posture has to be upright, and my face beautiful with no mark of the real me. But I don’t wear anything to meet to someone’s standards. I’ll feel and look as it pleases me.

Beneath The façade
By Trinity T

For my final piece I decided to create a larger scale version of experiment three and further research into Jean-Michel Basquiat’s work and art style to produce the final product of a ‘faceless society’ into ‘searching’ into one self's purpose and thought process. The abstract faces represent how everyone in society can express themselves differently in appearance, however we still are all the same, searching for a reason to live a purposeful life, but it becomes harder to see through when your mind becomes crowded with meaningless and materialistic things. Nevertheless, defining how everything in this reality is temporary.

A Saddened Tear
By Bella P

This artwork is the manifestation of a tear as representative of sorrow. The tear itself consumes the face, symbolic of bottled-up emotions and the feeling of everything falling apart. The colours and style of the work are also a symbolic reflection of this emotion.

Beauty and Pain
By Paige F

This artwork represents the cycle of pain and emotion; the horned skull symbolises the form of grief which can grow and influence the pain of others. The physical pain in this artwork represents the emotional trauma that we can experience, and the emerald rose serves  a glimmer of hope which can be found in our sufferings.

By Bethany F

The goose, a code for chaos and unpredictability is filled with hieroglyphic references along with the characters from anime television along with hidden codes of meaning found from different elements of contemporary culture. The koi fish within the work is representative of respite; a sense of serenity, where there is a small calm of the mind and absence of chaos. This painting is the coded embodiment of contemporary life and invites the viewer to try and figure a pattern to the madness of the picture and symbolism.

Shadow as reflection
By Lana C

The artwork I have created is based off the concept of shadow dimensions. For this project I decided to interpret shadow as a form of emotion. The human figure in the centre of the piece represents my sister and family, something that is important to me and was fun to create as an artwork. Siblings are said to walk in the shadow of their older siblings, and I wanted to paint something as a tribute to this concept.

By Bridgette K

This artwork was based off shadow. The image of the horse was from a photograph I had taken and then desaturated. I have carefully recreated the image paying close attention to the way light has cast shadow on the subject.

Nine-tailed Fox
By Kiara V W

My artwork relates to the theme of shadow in a metaphorical sense through Japanese mythical stories and the motif of the mask. The nine-tailed fox is a story of a beautiful woman who hides by transforming into a fox. She represents beauty and protection. I used this symbol to capture the idea of shadow as it resembles that there is someone beautiful underneath the mask. It symbolises the way people sometimes hide their true beauty and nature through something mysterious and unfamiliar.   

Art Statement
By Mikayla S

Some nights, when the moon is large and full, we marvel at its grandeur. Other nights, it seems small and inconspicuous, but one thing we are always aware off it that it is ever-changing. In a subtle way, it reminds us that all things on Earth have a natural cycle. The mountains resemble overcoming obstacles in life and having peace with the things that are occurring in life. This painting represents that even though challenges occur in life, never forget that you will reach the top of those mountains in life.

By Chailyn M

This series is a metaphorical representation of how society places a label on humanity and creates a world where people feel judged and critiqued. The gaze of the eyes shows how people feel lost as societies code creates their life for them. As we navigate our everyday jobs and relationships, we become commodified.

Recollections of My Past
By Paige D

My artwork consists of memories I have had in the past. The mountain landscape represents my adventures and journeys. The building represents me living in the city when I was young and the enjoyable times I shared with my old friends and family.

Tribute to Tradition
By Jack P

My series outlines Japans strength of tradition and its importance within a contemporary society. I have done this to highlight its importance due to the slow loss or regression of culture within a modern society. Japan is a beautiful country which still clings on to a lot of customs and tradition; living for themselves and honour. We can learn a lot from our past and Japanese history has taught me this.

By Joseph L

This artwork was based on Shapes, Lines and Geometrics. The artwork portraits the figure of Vulcan and Thanatos; which are both Greek Mythology gods. Vulcan is referred to as the god of fire, whilst Thanatos is known as the god of death. As a kid, I have been interested in Greek mythology, where I have read and watched the series known as Percy Jackson. The background of the artwork is a scene of the new movie; Star Wars The Rise of Sky Walker. I created the artwork to represent my interests as a child.

Flowers of life
By Zeane D

The unit this term was based on organic or geometric line. I have focussed on organic line and created a design based upon flowers. Within the centre of my artwork is three flowers, each one representing a person. My mum, my older sister, and my younger sister. They are delicate flowers and need to be treated with care. The lines around it are weird and wonderful and show their confusing nature and unique personalities. 

Pen drawing
By Amelia H
Trapped In My Bubble
By Imogen E

I made this artwork as a way to convey my feelings; I had felt trapped during the difficult times I had experienced this year so in a way to help me through these feelings I made this work as a representation; the fish symbolises me and the water around it is my indeterminate environment.

Subconscious Trip
By Elijah O

This art piece encapsulates the weird ideas and patterns that were floating in my head. When completing this work I chose to relinquish any given direction or objective and let the paint take control; I wanted the viewer themselves to create their own meaning when looking at the complexity and pattern drawn from my mind. This artwork is a representation of my subconscious.

Thank you for viewing our Secondary Visual Art Showcase online gallery. We trust that you have enjoyed looking through our talented students' artworks.