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If you wish to order our Tuckshop food, we would recommend making use of our 
cashless, Flexi Schools online purchasing system. 

View our new, delicious Tuckshop menu here: Tuckshop Menu. Please note that orders must be made before 8.30am on the day your child wishes to receive their tuckshop order, or any day in advance.

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We are constantly working to improve our College Tuckshop to be more efficient, secure and healthy for our students.

Tuckshop Volunteers

We would love you to volunteer and help our Tuckshop volunteers as little or as often as you are available to lend a helping hand. This would involve preparing food, operating the cash register and packing orders for a few hours each day. 

If you would be willing to serve in this capacity, please contact our reception on 5540 8600 to make an expression of interest.