Welfare & Ministry

Livingstone Christian College’s Ministry Team provides support for students’ social, emotional and spiritual welfare in a variety of ways. The team consists of Chaplains and a group of international missionaries that the College has partnered with through the PAIS Movement.

Our Chaplains are key members of our Student Welfare Team and work closely with Year Level Coordinators and Heads of Departments to provide individual counsel for students in need of support, and refer to external agencies where appropriate. Part of the Chaplaincy services is provided under the funding of the Australian Government’s National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program. The PAIS team connect with and disciple students through the broad range of school activities as well developing their own programs in Faith and Life classes and lunch time groups. The Ministry team is significant in building a faith-based culture through Chapel services, community events and mentoring programs. They are a dynamic and cohesive team who seek to be the hands and feet of a loving Creator to the students at Livingstone Christian College.