Watch ‘Keeping the Farm Calm - the Power of Consequences’ Online Parent Seminar

Please enjoy this online parent seminar for our Livingstone Christian College parent community, streamed live from our College library on Tuesday, 5 May 2020, presented by Joan Koskela.

ABOUT THE SEMINAR: "Just like pets, children will always repeat whatever behaviour gets them what they want, so consider the implications of this carefully before you indulge them. You may be making a rod for your own back if you allow them to train you by their anger, demands, tears, sulking or violence. Parenting is not for cowards, and real love must show itself strong, as well as tender, if you are to avoid allowing the child to gain the upper hand. That means the ability to resolutely and firmly say “no”. (Calm Verdict Parenting). If you find yourself unable to be resolute enough to win the power struggle, then you could have an unbearable feeling sabotaging you."

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Joan Koskela - Based in Brisbane, Joan is an experienced counsellor, and author of My Life Rulz, alongside her work in the Living Wisdom program within Australia. Learn more about Joan and her work at