Say hello to Livingstone’s latest additions, Milo & Oreo!

Not too long ago, we welcomed these two beautiful calves from Maxine Moore at a dairy near Kalbar. Maxine has been nationally recognized by Dairy Australia as a "Legendairy Farmer".

The calf stay is a joint venture between Cows Create Careers, an intiative of Dairy Australia, and Livingstone Christian College, passionately supported by Maxine Moore and the dairy she manages. The program aims to promote agricultural education to secondary students and expose students to the numerous and growing number of careers in the dairy industry.

To enrich the agricultural science curriculum for year 7, we have split the classes into small groups of two or three students who are tasked with feeding, health monitoring and weighing the calves each twice a week.

In 2016  alone, 11, 900 students from 238 schools participated in this program, made possible by the 508 dairy farmers and industry advocates who volunteered their time to the program.

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to these 23 dairying regions involved in supporting schools, just like us, to broaden the skillsets and career options for our secondary students.