Year 6

Reflecting Creativity

Self Portraits - Reflecting God’s unique and individual design by sketching one’s self-portrait is an act of submission and worship. Drawing the face is hard to do and students practised sketching various parts of the body including eyes and hands before attempting their own face, adding shading for depth.

3D Birds - Using artist Barbara Kobylinska as inspiration students used recycled plastic drink bottles as the base for their 3D birds. Firstly, a head and neck were molded using magic clay and then the bottle was covered in papier maché. Students chose realistic or imaginative colours to paint their bird before glossing and varnishing the final product. These birds were greatly admired by visitors to the art room this year.

Place Collages – Exploring shapes in man-made designs was the focus of this artwork. Students cut out and collaged a range of unique and varied shapes along the horizon, making important decisions about composition and symmetry. The final step involved painting the background with bright watercolours and adding lines for emphasis.

Note that students selected the artwork for display that they felt best represented their skill and creativity.