Asia Capability

We acknowledge Asia's rise in a changing world and the opportunities the Asia Century presents for Australia and specifically for our Livingstone students. Livingstone embraces the building of Asia capabilities across all year levels through a variety of interesting and engaging curriculum projects as well as an innovative approach to LOTE Chinese.

Since 2016, students have been learning Mandarin Chinese through a unique language approach and Livingstone students, as a result, have flourished. Even our youngest students in Pre-Prep are able to confidently speak in simple Chinese sentences. Chinese Language and Culture (CLC) is taught in Pre-Prep to Year 7 and offered as an elective in Years 7 to 12.

Students have represented Livingstone in Mandarin Chinese speaking competitions, with students placing in the top 3 each competition. Students have won scholarships to China as a reward for their speaking ability in these competitions and demonstrate not only their language ability, but their oral language skills and confidence in presenting.

HSK is an internationally recognised competency test, where students are assessed on their ability to read, write and listen in Chinese Mandarin. We currently have students working towards HSK1, HSK 2 & HSK 3 in elective Chinese Language and Culture.