Welcome from the College Principal

Livingstone is an exceptional College, which aims to ensure that every student flourishes.  

As a prospective international student, we are committed to ensuring your success.  Our programs aim to identify and develop your strengths academically, through sport, the performing arts and culturally, so you can be a person of influence in an ever-changing world.   

We recognise that selecting a Christian school for your study provides four distinct advantages.  

These are: 

  • That you will be safe as these schools have less behavioural issues
  • You will interact with Australian students on a regular basis
  • Students will be the same gender and age as yourself
  • You will interact with students of good character

A highly experienced team are ready to welcome you. Your homestay family (if you are not staying with a parent or relative), is selected with care and due diligence.

Your teachers are experienced, well qualified and know how to help you achieve.  There are many people at Livingstone Christian College committed to your care and welfare.  

Welcome to Livingstone Christian College - a school where your child can flourish.