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Purchasing Options

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Livingstone has partnered with JB Hi-Fi to provide parents with a range of well-priced devices. These devices can be purchased through the JB Hi-Fi for education online portal.

To access the portal, please click on the image below or go to this website:

When prompted, please enter the college login code:      lcc2019

Why buy through the portal?

Devices purchased though the portal have been pre-approved for student use by the College. These devices are available at competitive prices and the purchase and delivery process of the devices are simple and easy to navigate.  The JB Hi-Fi portal offers accidental damage protection and theft protection as insurance options for all of the listed devices. This provides parents with the peace of mind that they can get their child's device repaired or replace in the event that it becomes accidentally damaged or stolen.

Do I have to buy a device through the portal?

There is no obligation to purchase a device through the JB Hi-Fi portal, however it is highly recommended due to the insurance options available in the portal. If you do purchase a device from another retailer, ensure that it meets the minimum requirements set by the College. Click here to see the minimum requirements.

Many manufacturers have dedicated support centres designed specifically to deal with issues in relation to their products and may even provide in home support and advanced trouble shooting. Manufacturer contact details for devices purchased through JB Hi-Fi can be found at

In many circumstances the manufacturer may therefore be able to provide a quicker assessment of, and remedy for, any issue with your product, even if the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. You may therefore prefer to contact the manufacturer rather than JB Hi-Fi, although you are not obliged to do this and, if at any time you are not satisfied with the manufacturer’s remedy in relation to your legal rights, you can contact the store manager of your nearest JB Hi-Fi store for assistance. If have purchased goods from JB Hi-Fi BYOD Online you can also contact us via our Contact Us form selecting the Warranty/Repair/Returns Enquiry option.