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Printing and Wi-Fi

Direct Printing

Follow these steps to add the printers to your device. Once installed you will be able to print using the File -> Print option on your device.

1. Click on this link (this will only work at school)

2. Following the on-screen instructions

When selecting the printer, there will be four options available:

  • hp-followme-b&w                    (Library)
  • hp-followme-colour                  
  • kyocera-followme-b&w           (Art Room, TTC03)
  • kyocera-followme-colour

Students are required to login to the printer in order to release their print job.

Web Printing

Web print is an alternative printing platform that works by students uploading their document to a web portal whch then sends the document to the printer. 

Click here to go to the login page.

If you don't know how to use this service, follow this guide to print via the web interface

Web Printing Guide


BYOD devices can connect onto the LCC_BYOD WiFi network. This is a 5Ghz only SSID.

When you connect you will be prompted to enter your school username and password.

Internet Access With Security Certificate

Students must download an internet certificate onto their BYOD device in order to access the internet while at Livingstone Christian College. The security certificate download will only work when connected to the College Wi-Fi. 

Click on this link to download the Internet certificate (only available while onsite)

Video Tutorials For Installing the Security Certificate on:

A step by step alternative guide for installing the security certificate 

(only available while onsite)

See the College IT department if you require further assistance.