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Minimum Device Requirements

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Minimum of 6-8 hours. The battery needs to be able to last the day.

Wifi: ac or a/b/g/n

Devices with only b/g/n will NOT connect to our 5Ghz Wifi  The device wireless specification needs to contain the number 802.11 and the specification ‘ac’ or ‘a’. This is commonly listed as 802.11ac or 802.11 a/b/g/n.
Note: If your device does not meet this wifi specification it will not connect to our network.
You will be required to buy a special USB wifi adapter that is available at reception for $48.00.

Operating System: 

Windows 10    /    MAC OSX 10.12 (macOS Sierra) or newer. 

Windows 10 can be downloaded for free from using the students email address. 

CPU or Processor: 

A minimum of an i3 processor or equivalent.

Hard Disk:

Minimum of 128GB of storage.


Minimum of 4GB of RAM.

Requirements for Adobe and Autodesk (optional software)

Secondary students, who are doing either Graphics or Film & TV and Media Studies, may install the Autodesk or Adobe products on their personal device. This is optional NOT required.

In order to meet the requirements for the software, the device should meet the following minimum requirements:

CPU or Processor: Minimum of i5 processor

Hard Disk: The installation can take up to 30GB of space, so a 256GB or larger hard disk is recommended. 

RAM: Minimum 8GB of RAM

Operating System: 64-bit operating system,      Mac needs to be MacOS 10.12 (macOS Sierra) or newer

We have dedicated computer labs for the above subjects. As such students are not required to install the software used in these classes on their BYOD device. There is enough class time for the students to get their work done in class using the specialist software like the AutoCAD, Inventor and Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects. However, if students choose to install this software on their device, the device must meet the additional hardware requirements.  

Installation guides for Autodesk and the Adobe suite are found on the software downloads page.